Friday, 30 January 2015


As some of you know, as well as cute baby animals - I am also slightly obsessed with dachshunds.
It began in a blog post from 2012, when I learnt to crochet the little fella's. Schnitzel, my favourite from the batch, is still on my desk looking up at me. Ahhh, hello Schnitzel!

I created this illustration of an extra long sausage dog, having a long nap, in his long hammock, for the Bright Agency US publishing campaign November Naps. 

It got me thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of being; The Longest Sausage Dog in the World, EVER! It's an ongoing idea I keep playing with, that I would love to develop into a picture book.


I also made him into my 2014 Christmas card. Woof!

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