Saturday, 3 November 2012


Here's a little preview of a new character and story I've had floating around my head.
I'm planning on spending my Sunday with this little guy and creating him a brother.

More Neeps!

I occasionally love to get off my mac/put down my crochet hook and get the inks out!
Here's some little Neeps!

Baby Can See books

Baby Can See is a series of four high contrast books for newborn baby's. I designed and illustrated these while working at Scholastic Children's Books. I've just discovered they are to be real books (yay!!) and will be publishing Apr '13. They are already available for pre-order from Amazon! Leonie Legarde is a Nom de plume, so unfortunately they can't be searched for under my name...
Here are some sneaky previews and jacket shots.

And lots of other crochet projects...


I made this little fella for my Neeps.


I made a little Mouk to send to my favourite illustrator, Marc Boutavant.
I have lots of faves of course!

I learnt to crochet!

You could say I'm well and truly hooked ^-^
Here is shnitzel - my fave little Dachshund!

I'm back!

Well it's shamefully been over a year since my last blog!!! I'm not sure what happened but I've decided to come back and have a session uploading lots of creative bits & bobs, that I have failed to blog about.
It's been a busy year I guess!