Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mr Busy Beans and the beandogs

I scanned in one of my posca doodles and worked it up a little bit. Here's Mr Busy beans running into a lady with a LOT of excitable beandogs!

...and then I started to find other things to draw on.

Posca fun with Beans

I dug out some blank nesting dolls and created a little gang...

More Mr Busy Beans!

I wasn't finding him engaging enough and decided the dotted eyes had to go. His new big eyes and much more humorous and expressive...he can keep an eye on those naughty beandogs now!

Mr Busy Beans

The Posca pens led me to creating (and slightly obsessing) over a character I've named Mr Busy Beans. I'm in the process of writing a story for this busy little edamame, but in the meantime I have been trying to develop him and his world. Here he is on twitter;
And here are some of the earlier beans...

Hello, I'm still here!

Well it has been a very busy summer, but I have managed to squeeze in lots of doodling! I discovered Posca pens recently, they're amazing! Here are some little bits an bobs I've been creating with them...


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Zoe Waring's Woollies

After many requests and words of encouragement I finally opened a little etsy shop for my crochet creatures. I have a small selection on here at the moment but in time, as I improve, this will grow!
Here are some of the new woollies!!
I made them each a little handmade tag, using my neglected winsor and newton inks and some amazing dotty washi tape. (I love washi tape!!!)

Saturday, 2 February 2013