Friday, 10 January 2014

Bright beginnings

Hello folks!
I've been rather quiet lately...busy stuffing my face with mince pies you say?
Not just that, the lovely people at Bright Agency have been keeping me busy!
I was signed up as one of their new artists before Christmas, 'hooray!' so I've been working on lots of new bits for my portfolio and developing two of my styles further...

Here are some things to show I haven't just been hiding in a pile of crumbs...

This is an idea I've had rattling around for a while, the precautionary tale - Never eat a Sausage Dog
...a good message I think!

These two illustrations are from another picture book idea I'm working on. I can't reveal the title, but let's just say its a perfect tale for all those little impatient penguins we know and love!
I'd love to develop this text further with an editor!

These cats have developed from a piece you may remember from my blog post in November 2012.
They were created with Windsor inks and various pencils, I'd sort of put them to the back of my mind - but Vicki and Lucie at Bright encouraged me to push the little cats further and I'm so pleased I did!
These new pieces were created using a combination of inks and pastel pencils, then brought into photoshop and the results are really bright, fresh and young. I think these little guys would work really well for a pre-school series.

I'll be working on some Woodland creatures next, which I look forward to sharing with you soon!
In the meantime find me at  Bright Agency

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